Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello September and hopefully less pain!!!!!

Hello September!  I am so glad to see you!!!!  I can't wait for the weather to go along with the month.  This weekend, Labor Day, is going to be hot for here.  Although, I have very little room to complain about the heat this summer as we have had very little of it.  Most of the time, it has been very very very nice.  Very few days with 90 degrees and above, which is rare for Michigan but I will take it.

Pain level these days has been not so good.  My headache has been bad, my sinus have been bad, and overall, I just haven't been feeling like myself.  I hope the cooler weather that later next week is to bring will help.  I can only hope.

I saw my brother over the weekend.  It was a nice visit.  I hadn't seen him in person in over a year.  I just wasn't able to but now I can.  I hope to see him again soon.  It is a long drive so I have to be in good shape that day in order to see him.  I was doing alright until I got home.  I ate something at lunch/dinner that I shouldn't have and oh my.  I was so dizzy and out of it.  I literally had to either lie down or I would have fallen down.  I was in bed by about 8 pm that night.  My tummy has been upset ever since too.  It is improving but it has been a rough road for me.  I had some beer cheddar soup that I think totally disagreed with me.  It tasted fine but I don't think it agreed with me because I didn't feel well shortly after eating it.  I won't have it again.  That is for sure.  I will think twice about this.  I think next time maybe I will get a salad instead of soup.  It is a nice restaurant and they have good food.  I just tried something different and well, sometimes that is just not good.

I have 3 lessons today.  My Sammy has a bad headache so she is coming on the weekend instead.  Bob had a makeup from yesterday this afternoon, Alexis will have her lesson, and Quinn will have her makeup lesson from yesterday too.  Bob plays piano and has been playing piano with me for over 10 years.  He plays very good.  I am pleased with his progress.  He learns theory along the way also.  Alexis is new to me and she also plays piano.  She had another teacher who moved before she came to take lessons from me.  I am pleased with her progress too.  Quinn is a singer and simply adorable.  She is 7 and is very serious about singing.  She practices a lot.  Quinn does everything I ask her too.  Basically, she is a great student to have.

Peony had gotten a new harness on Sunday.  She chewed through it today.  Now we need to get her a new one so she can't go outside until we get her a new one.  We don't have a collar for her either since we use a harness for her.  I was not happy with her over this one.  Silly puppy.  You are supposed to chew your harness off.  It was only side but still, enough where she can't use it.  The last one Q broke during their wrestling time so that is why we had to get a new one.  I don't know but I think we are shopping tonight.

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